Something Old, Something New


Since my oven/kitchen woes won’t be resolved for a couple more months, and the headlong rush towards the festive season draws my attention in other directions, I thought I’d reveal a little project I’ve been working on for a while, to keep you all out of mischief for the next few weeks.

Most of you will know of my great enthusiasm for old recipes, many of which are listed amongst these pages. However they are scattered about and not always easy to find.

I decided I needed a site devoted solely to British food and have been working for the past few months to collate and transfer across all the British recipes from this blog to a new site.

In addition, I have included a lot of new recipes that had to be cut from my new book (out in May next year), mostly from the fish, game and pudding chapters.

Time To Cook – Online will remain very much a jumble of interests as different recipes from all over the world grab my attention. Deja Food will become, I hope, a showcase of the best of British food from the last 700 years.

I hope you will enjoy both.

Click the image to visit the new site.


In addition, don’t forget to tune in to  BBC1 on Christmas Day, at 4.45pm for the Great British Bake Off Christmas Special starring me and three more Bake Off favourites!

A second GBBO Special, with four more favourite bakers, will go out on Boxing Day night.

Happy Holidays!


4 Comments on “Something Old, Something New”

  1. Teresa says:

    Oh my, you’re back on our screens! I for one will be tuning in, how lovely!

  2. steve west sussex says:

    Thank you for a wonderful blog which i enjoy enormously and will look forward to your second book next year- still using the first.
    Have great Christmas and good luck with your kitchen challenges

  3. How exciting, more is good! Just love all that you do, can’t wait for the new book, and the luxury of two websites! Thanks!

  4. Gillian Bell says:

    Well done, MAB! I’m looking forward to seeing your project unfold, the new book, AND I’ll be tuning in on Christmas Day/Boxing Day from Australia! Thank you for all the pleasure you bring through your work. Merry Christmas. x

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